Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm running Behind!

I have been wanting to blog about different things this past week. but at first my computer wouldn't read my memory card, then once i got it to work i just didn't have time to sit down and post them. and now here i am thinking wow i am running behind on this!
hope you enjoy my weeks worth of post in one!

Whenever we go out people tend to stare at us, well its more like at Jesus. They stare at his g-tube or at his way of stiffing. At times its just his long hair that people stare at. But this past week Esmeralda turned out to be the center of attention.
We went to the doctor like we always do except she was wearing this!

Esmeralda loves to play pretend and on this day she was an elephant. She was playing the game Ring around the Nosy, I didn't feel like making her cry right before i needed her to behave at an appointment so i let her take it! Yes we did get a lot of stares this day but we didn't mind because this was a nice difference!=)

Hair Cut? or no Hair cut?

I have been having a hard time deciding if i should cut Jesus's Hair, and if i do cut it how do i go about choosing a style for him? Esmeralda has not had a hair cut in her 3 years of life, and well Jesus is about to go on his 1st year of life with no hair cut but he is a boy! so what do you think?


We went to the Aquarium on Friday. We drove an hour in the morning to go meet my sister and her Family for a morning of fun. we then had to rush back to get to Jesus's appointment that afternoon. We had so much fun we agreed on doing this more often! Esmeralda had a blast! Jesus on the other hand enjoyed taking the camera from me trying to pull peoples hair and there necklaces (not very interested in the fishes the one that did attract him were the jelly fish! :) here is a pic of the kids!:)


Jesus is not my no tantrum baby anymore! he threw his fist tantrum and it was all because he wanted to stay outside and swing. He was really enjoying his swinging but because it was getting cold and because he is on a 24/7 feed i didn't want to leave him disconnected to long. i took him inside once we were inside he refused to eat his cereal, refused to stay calm until i got a blanket and rocked him that way (kinda like in a hammock style) there was a lot of rocking involved the rest of the day!


My husbands Parents came over from Texas they didn't get to stay long but we really enjoyed there visit!:)


Cindy said...

Both our boys got their first haircuts around their first birthdays. They didn't have as much hair as Jesus, but we love them to look like little boys. I know Jesus' hair is beautiful, but he is a boy! What does his dad say?

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

well we have agreed that once he is one we will get his hair cut!:) yes i agree i want him to look like my boy not a 2nd girl:) now we are just trying to figure out what look will go with him his birthday is in april so i'm going to start looking around:)

claudia said...

i think regardless of how long or short his hair is he looks like a boy...

Brandi said...

I don't know how I missed this post. Nooooooo...don't cut his hair! Nathan still gets referred to as a girl even with a short haircut and being dressed in blue!

I love that Esmeralda went out as an elephant. I wish I could have been there to see other people's reactions.

So glad that you got out to the aquarium. It must have felt good to be around other people and out from behind that walls of your house.

Thanks for the awesome post!

claudia said...

careful w/ above post, prolly bot just programmed to spam and most than likely has spyware virus so no click on link or copy and paste either... try and delete it unless u personally know the person kay lol and u prolly already know all this but still thought i'd tell u neways just in case =)