Sunday, March 21, 2010

we are better! :)

On my last post i was venting which is something that seems to make me feel better. Now i am proud to say that we have had a good couple of days and not letting things set us back. =)

We went to a Easter fair they were having, and had a great time. we managed to deal with the oxygen and the 24/7 feeding we are becoming pros at it. ok pros with mistakes every now and then but still not fumbling all over the place.

Esmeralda has always been scared of the Easter bunny which is why this is the first pictures we have of her with the bunny this is also the reason why she is being hugged by Eric (her cousin) in the picture above, and in this picture she is holding Jesus's foot this helped her be brave.

This weekend we also went to get Jesus his hair cut! yes you did read right we finally went to get his first hair cut.
This is his before picture

and this is his right after picture

before his bath

after his bath: sat for 1 min. YAY!

He is starting to enjoy eating agine.


Our Journey said...

he looks like sawyer with his hair like that!! soooo handsome!!! so hes still on oxygen?? :(

Cindy said...

Praise God for the good days! I'm glad everyone is doing better. And I love love love his haircut! He is so cute, and it definitely focuses on his precious face. Great smiles, Jesus and Esmeralda!

Brandi said...

I LOVE his haircut! I'm glad you are still getting out despite all of the cords, tubes and equipment! Jesus' smile is priceless in the top bunny brave.

He looks proud of himself for sitting up on the bed...I'm proud of him too!

Keep up the good work with those puffs. He will really learn to "crush" with them.

You are doing an amazing job Angelica. Stay strong!

Terri H-E said...

What a gorgeous fellow. The look on his sweet confident face certainly does not reveal all that your family has been through. He must get his resilience and joy of life from his mama.

You reminded me that we need to go find an Easter Bunny this weekend for pictures!