Saturday, June 18, 2011



This is my hubby's 3rd Deployment but they don't get any easier if anything it gets harder! the first one i had no kids the second one we had Esmeralda she was 1 so she doesn't really remember and this one we have 3 kids and it has been so hard to see Esmeralda cry herself to sleep, and to see Jesus look for papi and say papa and the only thing i can offer him is a recorded lullaby and a pic. which is not enough. and on top of having them try to adjust to a new baby brother they are struggling without daddy. :( the day after he left was our 7th year anniversary! i think we have spent 2 out of the 7 together, the way i see it is every day can be celebrated as an anniversary :)

The monkey in the pictures is the monkey we sent with him so that he could take everywhere with him and the kids could see the monkey in pictures and see how papi is thinking of us :)

Because my hubby will be missing out on a year of seeing his kids grow i will try very hard to keep my blog better updated for him to be able to log on and see them grow and see what we are doing. I cant make any promises because believe me i have my hands full with the 3 kids, and the lack of sleep is not helping. But i will try :)

WE love you papa, come home safe, you are our hero!!!

Meet Xavier


Xavier Eduardo Medrano
was born on may 28th 2011, at 5:47pm
i was 39weeks pregnant this has been my longest pregnancy as a matter of fact I'm sure it would have been longer had the doctors not thought it best to induce me. It was a long morning at the hospital and we had a small moment were we got scared because Xavier's heart rate went down but after they put me on oxygen everything went back to normal, :) after they finally started the induction it all went pretty fast well a little to fast to be exact. As i was getting ready to push like the nurse instructed me to do, she then went on to tell me to not push and she started yelling for the doctor and from one second to the next he just came out the nurse ended up delivering him another nurse came to help (she didn't even have gloves) it all happened so fast. Here are some of his first pics :)