Friday, February 25, 2011

growing up


Jesus has been doing a lot of growing up. He loves to travel through the house he will not stay still which is great (kinda). He is now doing a low crawl with elbows and knees, we are still working on hands and knees but its hard because he doesn't like touching the floor he will close his hands while he crawls. Another new thing he does is he can pull himself from the position of knees to standing he still doesn't know how to get to his knees but that's ok we are getting there. He is starting to enjoy eating instead of it being a thing he is forced into, granted he only eats cold sweets but he is eating He likes yogurt, ice cream, jello, and ice. he will now get a smile when i ask him if he wants to eat were as before he would complain and cry after a spoon or two. when i try sneaking other types of food into his diet he will look at the spoon and if its something he doesn't recognize he will not open his mouth, he has also smiled and pushed the spoon away like if he is saying "silly mom I'm not eating that"
He really enjoys pinching necks i don't know why but he does this kinda soft pinch on anyone who is holding him sometimes he does it to himself. When its time for bed time he likes to clamp his feed cord to make the machine beep so that i have to come back into his room and he will smile at me with such a big smile its hard to be mad at him, he will do it over and over and over until he is too tired to play this game, or until i turn off the pump and turn it back on once he is asleep.
Another one of his favorite past times is to make mommy stand up with him and make the fan spin, and spin, and spin. here he is asking for more spin.

And this is the smile i get after i make it spin :) so how can i not make the fan spin for him.

opening and closing things is a big one around our house i will often find all my kitchen doors open or the doors in closets because i have the habit of not closing doors all the way which allows little hands to come and open and close those doors or open them and crawl away to another door,or drawer.

Esmeralda has also been doing a lot of growing up she has been in preschool since December, and this month we had our first parent teacher conference. Her teacher said everything a parent wants to hear she said Esmeralda is out going, responsible, very talkative, is friends with all the kids and has been known to help out (without being asked to) some of the special need kids. She came home the other day almost in tears, happy tears because she said she was very proud of her friend for walking to her teacher in line like the rest of them. :) And at that moment i just couldn't help but be proud of her!

For valentines we made cupcakes and had lots of fun eating them:)

My baby bump has grown i fell like a big marshmallow i cant imagine how much bigger i will get ;) I went to an ultrasound yesterday and they said that my boy was growing the way he should be he is weighing at 2.2lbs and his heart does not present any abnormalities. Esmeralda got to go with me and she had a good time seeing her brother and saying how she cant wait for him to be born and how now she has 2 brothers. She wanted a girl but when she found out i was having a boy she took it really well the only thing she has mentioned is "if you wish for a girl you get a boy and if you wish for a boy you get a girl" silly girl :)

although this month has been fun and full of lots of activities and laughter and a lot of mommy time with Jesus and Esmeralda. We can all say that we cant wait for Monday when Daddy gets home from a whole month of being gone. :) He is getting ready for deployment in the next 3 months! we hope that those months that he is here don't go as fast as this one did.