Wednesday, January 19, 2011

no time to blog


I Have been wanting to blog about lots of things that we have been doing but when it comes to choosing between blogging or sleeping and you are pregnant with 2 kids to tend to most of the time sleep comes first...
Here are some pics of things we have been up to :)

we took a road trip during Christmas vacation

they both did way better than we expected, even if it doesn't look like they are happy!

We have also enjoyed some snow
Baloo joined in on the outside fun with Esmeralda and with daddy they made snow angels and had a very good time outside. while me and Jesus got snowballs thrown at us through a window and looked at all the fun we also got to make hot chocolate for them :)

We had a very fun New Years Day

Esmeralda has had a lot of fun with Basket Ball

Jesus for the most part has been healthy and happy

Last but not least we found the sex of our 3rd child :)

we are going to have a BABY BOY!!