Thursday, December 31, 2009

A NOT so happy New Year


Our new year has not started out so good, we will be cutting our vacation short because we need to get back home to a flooded house. It turns out that a pipe froze and it burst, once the ice defrosted all the water came out. From what the housing guy told me every room except the kitchen has damage of some sort, the damage was worse in Jesus's room, the hall way, and a bathroom in those 3 room the ceiling caved in. I thought that this new year was already going to be busy and full of new things to come like Jesus was going to have his surgery, his week study, some money problems but now on top of that we will be having to stay in a hotel for 2-4weeks, we will probably have to pay for damages and fixtures of the house, we will have to pay for our personal loss like furniture, electronics, toys, etc.
I keep reminding myself that things happen for a reason that maybe GOD has a bigger plan at the end of all this that i just don't see. That maybe this will be the hardest thing we will have to deal with this year. I just have to keep my faith strong. I was told that GOD doesn't send you anything that he doesn't know you can handle well I'm not sure that he knows me or that he is seeing that I'm not handling it very well that this has made everything seem harder to handle.
I was thinking of fundraising for the Conference this year for July and that if we saved and limited ourselves in somethings we would be able to go but it seems like maybe that wont happen.
This new year has turned out to start off not so good for us!
but i have to stay strong because i have two wonderful kids who need me and i still have Jesus's surgery to worry about and i just need to hopefully see the bigger picture and as long as we are all alive we will keep going!

i just need to win the lottery!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Thursday, December 17, 2009



Jesus can officially flip from his tummy to his back and back again we have been waiting for him to be able to do this. there were times when we thought he would never do it because his arms were just way to stiff to let him do anything but he has proven us wrong and I'm so happy that he has! i wish i would have had my camera with me when he did it to capture the moment. Such a great gift he gave us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, December 14, 2009



The fun part was making the mess not cleaning it!:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jesus Medical LIfe


So today we went to the Neurologist and it turns out that his most recent EEG came back with one abnormality it only lasted 30sec. and it was only one spike but this is enough for him to be diagnosed with having seizures. I'm not sure how i feel about this it makes me feel like a good mom because i was able to recognize a seizure when i saw one but it makes me feel sad that i was right. i was hoping that my eyes were playing tricks on me but they are not.
This got me to thinking of all the unknown things he will be diagnosed with in the future. He sees A Developmental peds, a Geneticist, an Immunologist, Opthomologist, ENT, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, GI, Urologist, Orthopedic. What else will they find. I'm glad that they find this things but why does he have to have so many things going on.
Then his cough is back, It seems to go away for a while to make me think that what we are doing is right but it just comes right back like it was never gone. It is so frustrating to see him get better with a new thing then go right back after a couple of weeks of taking it. its as if his body got used to it. I guess i just need answers even if they are hard to hear (like today with the seizures) i need to know whats going on, i need someone who will find what is wrong with him.


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sleep study


Jesus is normally a good sleeper once he is out for the night he will not cry until morning he will wake up at night to gasp for air but then puts himself to sleep.
well last night was not like that any little noise would wake him up, he did not put himself to sleep because he normally rubs his hair and he couldn't do that so there i had to keep picking him up. The second half of the night went better because i gave him a bottle. poor little guy was not comfortable with everything hooked up to him but i don't blame him.

In the morning once they took off everything he went back to his happy self! except he will not let me touch his head or face I'm hoping that stops soon! His hair was all wild and crazy!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little bit of something


Ok so i have several things in mind. One is that i have been told by some of you that you are not able to post a comment on my blog and i am not sure why or how to fix the problem so if anyone has any tips, advice, or a fix i would love to hear it please help with this. you can email me to

Jesus has his sleep study tomorrow night! we are excited, and anxious about this because well we want to know the results and because we are so happy it was able to get done before the Christmas and before his surgery. It is snowing a lot so i hope the the snow does not stop me from driving the one hour it takes to get there! I'm thinking if i leave 3 hours early i can sure drive slowly and make it on time.

Esmeralda told me today she wanted a toy and when i told her she had to tell Santa Claus she told me we had to go and buy a costume of Santa so that me or her dad could wear it and bring her toys. we have not once done this so i have no idea were she came up with this. maybe I'm not making it believable enough! I'm not sure what else i can do to help her believe!