Friday, December 4, 2009

Sleep study

Jesus is normally a good sleeper once he is out for the night he will not cry until morning he will wake up at night to gasp for air but then puts himself to sleep.
well last night was not like that any little noise would wake him up, he did not put himself to sleep because he normally rubs his hair and he couldn't do that so there i had to keep picking him up. The second half of the night went better because i gave him a bottle. poor little guy was not comfortable with everything hooked up to him but i don't blame him.

In the morning once they took off everything he went back to his happy self! except he will not let me touch his head or face I'm hoping that stops soon! His hair was all wild and crazy!


Kelly said...

I am so glad it is over! I am always so surprised that they expect them to sleep with all that stuff on. FYI...we have done 3 studies and none were as bad as the first.

Kelly W.

Brandi said...

I'm glad you are all home, ready for a good night's sleep in your own beds. Nathan has had two sleep studies. The second one went better than the first, that's for sure.

Oh yes, post sleep study hair is crazy! It usually takes a few days for me to pick through all of the sticky stuff!

Cindy said...

I hope they got some good readings! Sleep studies are no fun (not a lot of sleep!) and I'm always relieved when they're over.

Kelly said...

Sleep studies look like they are no fun! I can't believe they expect kids to sleep while they are hooked up to so many things. Hoping for good results. Love his wild hair! Kelly F