Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in pictures


Esmeralda was tinkerbell :)

Jesus was a gnome :)

Xavier was a Monkey :)

Esmeralda gave out candy and loved it!

2 out of three ready for bed :)

Jesus got a hair cut He looks like such a big boy

Xavier is such a happy baby

now she is ready for bed
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

will we make it...


Yes we will!!!
however Recently i have been felling a bit overwhelmed and out of breath and just like i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to put my baby boy through so many surgerys in less than a year maybe less than half a year.
We had two long days in the hospital this past week that showed Jesus will be needing his tonsiles removed they are huge and hopefully removing them will help with his sleep apnea. He also has Glaucoma luckly its on his already blind eye however we will have to be keeping that much more of a close eye on his right eye because its his only eye so i pray to God to please keep that eye safe. His hearing in his left ear is great and in his right ear its good enough not to need anything done to it! yay!! He will be needing his right testical brought back down because as he grows it is traveling up and they dont want to loose it. he will need to have tethered cord surgery (which i hear is an easy recovery :) ) This surgery needs to be done before more damage is done to his bladder and kidneys. with this said this brings us to the fact that the low lying cord has already caused damage to the nerves that control his bladder so he is not emptying his bladder compleatly because of this the doctor says she will re-evaluate him after 3 months of the tethered cord surgery to see how its all functioning and if he is still not emptying properly then she wants to do a catheter that is surgyicly placed and comes out of his belly button so that we can empty his bladder all the way properly. ( i hope and pray that this procedure can be avoided however anything to keep my little guy from damaging his kidneys....
so yes i have cried and i have prayed and i'm just going to put it all in Gods hands and focuse on the now and as one great mama told me take it one surgery at a time!
Thank you all in advance for your prayers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jesus Talking With his Dynavox