Thursday, November 17, 2011



We have had a very hard month! But today I'm just going to focus on how happy i am!
my sweet boy doesn't only eat wipes :)

He also eats

its not pureed he bits swallows and eats it and LOVES the cheesy taste!

My girl is 5!


Happy Birthday My Girl!

You are the best daughter that any mother could ask for! and the best big sister in the world!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in pictures


Esmeralda was tinkerbell :)

Jesus was a gnome :)

Xavier was a Monkey :)

Esmeralda gave out candy and loved it!

2 out of three ready for bed :)

Jesus got a hair cut He looks like such a big boy

Xavier is such a happy baby

now she is ready for bed
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

will we make it...


Yes we will!!!
however Recently i have been felling a bit overwhelmed and out of breath and just like i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to put my baby boy through so many surgerys in less than a year maybe less than half a year.
We had two long days in the hospital this past week that showed Jesus will be needing his tonsiles removed they are huge and hopefully removing them will help with his sleep apnea. He also has Glaucoma luckly its on his already blind eye however we will have to be keeping that much more of a close eye on his right eye because its his only eye so i pray to God to please keep that eye safe. His hearing in his left ear is great and in his right ear its good enough not to need anything done to it! yay!! He will be needing his right testical brought back down because as he grows it is traveling up and they dont want to loose it. he will need to have tethered cord surgery (which i hear is an easy recovery :) ) This surgery needs to be done before more damage is done to his bladder and kidneys. with this said this brings us to the fact that the low lying cord has already caused damage to the nerves that control his bladder so he is not emptying his bladder compleatly because of this the doctor says she will re-evaluate him after 3 months of the tethered cord surgery to see how its all functioning and if he is still not emptying properly then she wants to do a catheter that is surgyicly placed and comes out of his belly button so that we can empty his bladder all the way properly. ( i hope and pray that this procedure can be avoided however anything to keep my little guy from damaging his kidneys....
so yes i have cried and i have prayed and i'm just going to put it all in Gods hands and focuse on the now and as one great mama told me take it one surgery at a time!
Thank you all in advance for your prayers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jesus Talking With his Dynavox


Sunday, September 11, 2011



Papi come home so you can tuck us in bed and sing us a lullaby and read us a book :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just when i thought


For almost a year now Jesus has been very healthy and has not been needing to go under anesthesia for anything and it was just all going so good that i thought wow i can relax and just enjoy my wonderful boy. well no not no more i hate to sound like I'm whining but i just need to vent i guess...

it all started when Jesus had an MRI to check for spinal tethered cord which the doctor said he had the results show more of a low lying so we are being referred to a neurosurgeon to see what he wants to do about this more than likely surgery, and then he didn't really pass his hearing test but its not failed where he would benefit from a hearing aid, so they want to check that under anesthesia and now at his Ophthalmology app. it turns out his eye pressure was high his left eye is 35 and his right is 30 the doctor saying she needs to have him go under anesthesia so she could check this I'm just tiered of it all i want him to be healthy i so just want to get some good news :(

just needed to vent thank you for listening

Saturday, September 3, 2011

firts run


With the inspiration of some moms with RTS sweeties i decided to start running in reality i decided last month but i kept making up reasons for why i couldn't start one of the big reasons being that i had 3 kids with no one to take care of them. But today i let go of all my reasons and just went for it. i got this program c25k and i can say i see why so many people have used it with great success, i can say that there was a point in my run when i felt i was going to die(the first 2 running turns) i ran at the pace of my 4yr old and even she seemed to be having a way easier time running we had to stop 2x for flowers but i think that we did great. at the end of our run we stopped at the park then came home to play with water it was a good time i hope to be doing 3x a week although i have decided that in order to make it a better workout for me i will be doing 2 of my runs during the time Esmeralda is at school and only one with her!

i would like to thank my sister and her hubby for this awsome jogging stroller :)
xavier is still a bit small so i put a towel to help support his head.

Esmeralda dosnt even look like she got tierd

i was huffing and puffing the whole time

Sunday, August 21, 2011

play time


Jesus and Esmeralda have learned how to play very well together they still fight sometimes but i can now trust them to play alone without to much fighting going on.

Esmeralda does the playing because Jesus still wont touch the screen

And Jesus will say when they are done with that game and its time for another game.

This is a new toy and before Jesus felt confident enough to play with it alone Esmeralda joined him in showing him how its done. Esmeralda puts in the cars and Jesus makes them go by pushing on the lever

i put Jesus inside Xavier's crib because he likes to play in there and Esmeralda decided to join him and you all are lucky this is not a video because they were yelling really loud.

Xavier was wondering why they were in his crib yelling ;)

also some outside play

Its so nice to see them getting along so well i cant wait to have all three kids playing together :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

going forward :)


jesus going down the slide


i know i'm no good at making videos :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip


I decided to take the kids to visit family back home before Esmeralda starts school. we have no family around us and since my hubby is deployed it gets kinda lonely sometimes we hopped in the car and i drove us the 9-10hr drive :)

Our trip started of with therapy Jesus had hippo therapy and he does so good and gets so organized that we could not miss it.

he even did some walking

he was so proud of himself

i have no pictures of our actual trip because it was more important to drive than be taking pictures however i can say that the trip down we made it on schedule with about 4 stops to put gas and eat.

Esmeralda lost her first tooth at the age of 4.8yrs, her tooth was so loose it fell while eating a sandwich and she ended up swallowing the tooth. she has one more tooth that is also loose.

Jesus Enjoyed some swinging
at the park

and also in Xaviers swing he just needed the extra stimulation with being somewhere new.

We had Erics Birthday party he is now 7yrs old :)

we went to the pool but my camera died :( and i forgot to take my charger with me...
The kids loved the pool Xavier stayed out of the pool he is still to little but Jesus stayed in the whole time as well as the rest of the kids it was a fun outing :)

My sister took the 3 older kids to the zoo and got there face painted Esmeralda loves to get butterflies

We then returned home and on the way home we just did one stop yes all kids behaved enough for us to do it all with one stop. we got home and unpacked and went to sleep. we had a fantastic time but now its time to go back to reality.
Then this morning i got a great picture of Esmeralda and Xavier (i have been trying to get him to smile but for a picture but every time i pull out a camera he stops smiling today at 2months and 4days old i was able to capture a smile :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

go read


If you have some time in your hands and want to read some great writings you should head on over to my hubby's new blog.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meal time


We try to have meal time together every meal even now that daddy isn't home we try to keep this time as family time so here is what its like i make the food and Esmeralda helps me set the table, Jesus enjoys eating yogurt so his meal is yogurt or pudding. i sit him down in the high chair and feed him, he is still not feeding himself actually if i put the bowl or spoon to close to him he will fling them and make a huge mess. then in the middle of eating or sometimes in the beginning Xavier realizes that he isn't part of our meal time so he starts crying so if you can imagine me with my 3 kids trying to listen to all the things Esmeralda has to say, trying to Feed Jesus and have him not make a big mess while i nurse Xavier and try to eat all at the same time. yes its hard and yes i sometimes feel overwhelmed and yes sometimes i feel like crying.
I miss having my hubby around and having an adult to talk to and basically there are times when i don't feel as strong as people say i am...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2hr drive


I know what your thinking a 2 hr drive one way with 3 kids under the age of 5 must not be a good idea however it was not as bad as i thought it would be actually it wasn't bad at all and the reason for the 2hr drive was so much fun that we will be doing it again (when we all have the time in our busy schedule)
we went up to visit with Kathleen Lee and her very precious son Joshua (Jesus's RTS brother)
first we went to eat i didn't get any pictures during this time i was to busy changing diapers from the long trip and eating and talking that pictures were forgotten then we went to bounce, here i did take pictures here are a few...

Jesus exploring

Joshua showing me how his toy works

and getting super excited about it :)

i couldnt get the boys to stay still enough to take a picture of them together

Esmeralda sliding

and even Kathy joined in on the jumping

we had a great time! cant wait for the next time :)



I decided to venture out on my own with the 3 kids, we have done things like shopping or doctor app., picking up meds at pharmacy's, but nothing big like the zoo.
Our local zoo is located in a mountain and as you look at the animals you are going further up and its not like you don't notice your going up there are huge hills and pushing a heavy stroller with 2 kids in it is not easy but we had fun. even though for some of us the fun had nothing to do with the animals in the zoo.

Esmeralda's favorite part was feeding the Giraffes

Jesus's favorite part was playing with a fan i bought him, i took him out of the stroller to try and feed giraffes, we passed the zebras, the carousal, the monkeys but nothing was as much fun as his fan.

Xavier's favorite part was sleeping

My favorite parts (i have 3) were seeing how happy Esmeralda was

seeing the huge smile Jesus gave me when i took him out of the stroller

and having Xavier sleep the whole time we were at the zoo making me not have to pick him up when it was so hot and sweaty

to give you all an example of the hills we climbed

we had fun we just missed having daddy around...