Sunday, August 21, 2011

play time

Jesus and Esmeralda have learned how to play very well together they still fight sometimes but i can now trust them to play alone without to much fighting going on.

Esmeralda does the playing because Jesus still wont touch the screen

And Jesus will say when they are done with that game and its time for another game.

This is a new toy and before Jesus felt confident enough to play with it alone Esmeralda joined him in showing him how its done. Esmeralda puts in the cars and Jesus makes them go by pushing on the lever

i put Jesus inside Xavier's crib because he likes to play in there and Esmeralda decided to join him and you all are lucky this is not a video because they were yelling really loud.

Xavier was wondering why they were in his crib yelling ;)

also some outside play

Its so nice to see them getting along so well i cant wait to have all three kids playing together :)