Saturday, September 3, 2011

firts run

With the inspiration of some moms with RTS sweeties i decided to start running in reality i decided last month but i kept making up reasons for why i couldn't start one of the big reasons being that i had 3 kids with no one to take care of them. But today i let go of all my reasons and just went for it. i got this program c25k and i can say i see why so many people have used it with great success, i can say that there was a point in my run when i felt i was going to die(the first 2 running turns) i ran at the pace of my 4yr old and even she seemed to be having a way easier time running we had to stop 2x for flowers but i think that we did great. at the end of our run we stopped at the park then came home to play with water it was a good time i hope to be doing 3x a week although i have decided that in order to make it a better workout for me i will be doing 2 of my runs during the time Esmeralda is at school and only one with her!

i would like to thank my sister and her hubby for this awsome jogging stroller :)
xavier is still a bit small so i put a towel to help support his head.

Esmeralda dosnt even look like she got tierd

i was huffing and puffing the whole time


Cindy said...

You go girl! That's wonderful!

Nicky said...

Angelica, you blow me away...SERIOUSLY!