Thursday, July 21, 2011

go read


If you have some time in your hands and want to read some great writings you should head on over to my hubby's new blog.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meal time


We try to have meal time together every meal even now that daddy isn't home we try to keep this time as family time so here is what its like i make the food and Esmeralda helps me set the table, Jesus enjoys eating yogurt so his meal is yogurt or pudding. i sit him down in the high chair and feed him, he is still not feeding himself actually if i put the bowl or spoon to close to him he will fling them and make a huge mess. then in the middle of eating or sometimes in the beginning Xavier realizes that he isn't part of our meal time so he starts crying so if you can imagine me with my 3 kids trying to listen to all the things Esmeralda has to say, trying to Feed Jesus and have him not make a big mess while i nurse Xavier and try to eat all at the same time. yes its hard and yes i sometimes feel overwhelmed and yes sometimes i feel like crying.
I miss having my hubby around and having an adult to talk to and basically there are times when i don't feel as strong as people say i am...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2hr drive


I know what your thinking a 2 hr drive one way with 3 kids under the age of 5 must not be a good idea however it was not as bad as i thought it would be actually it wasn't bad at all and the reason for the 2hr drive was so much fun that we will be doing it again (when we all have the time in our busy schedule)
we went up to visit with Kathleen Lee and her very precious son Joshua (Jesus's RTS brother)
first we went to eat i didn't get any pictures during this time i was to busy changing diapers from the long trip and eating and talking that pictures were forgotten then we went to bounce, here i did take pictures here are a few...

Jesus exploring

Joshua showing me how his toy works

and getting super excited about it :)

i couldnt get the boys to stay still enough to take a picture of them together

Esmeralda sliding

and even Kathy joined in on the jumping

we had a great time! cant wait for the next time :)



I decided to venture out on my own with the 3 kids, we have done things like shopping or doctor app., picking up meds at pharmacy's, but nothing big like the zoo.
Our local zoo is located in a mountain and as you look at the animals you are going further up and its not like you don't notice your going up there are huge hills and pushing a heavy stroller with 2 kids in it is not easy but we had fun. even though for some of us the fun had nothing to do with the animals in the zoo.

Esmeralda's favorite part was feeding the Giraffes

Jesus's favorite part was playing with a fan i bought him, i took him out of the stroller to try and feed giraffes, we passed the zebras, the carousal, the monkeys but nothing was as much fun as his fan.

Xavier's favorite part was sleeping

My favorite parts (i have 3) were seeing how happy Esmeralda was

seeing the huge smile Jesus gave me when i took him out of the stroller

and having Xavier sleep the whole time we were at the zoo making me not have to pick him up when it was so hot and sweaty

to give you all an example of the hills we climbed

we had fun we just missed having daddy around...

4th of july


here on base they had the 4th of July celebration on July 3rd we were lucky enough to have my sister in town, here are some pics of what we got to do.

the three older kids got face paintings

while Xavier slept

and Jesus got pushed in the swing by his God Father

where did Jesus go?

there he is

we were supposed to do more like jumping houses and a trampoline thing along with trying out some Delicious food however it rained so bad we got soaked we were able to cover Jesus and Xavier and not even one drop of rain got on them while we ran to the car how ever the rest of us were not so lucky

Friday, July 1, 2011

what we have been up to


It has been a hard first 2 weeks without my hubby so in order to have the kids distracted and keep myself busy we have been doing some outings. My sister came into town to visit the 2nd week after he had left and that has been a lot of help, and fun :)

Me and Esmeralda have been doing sleepovers once a week or so she gets to sleep in my room with me and watch a movie and eat popcorn she loves this because its one less week for my hubby to be gone. We watched Toy story 3 here she is watching toy story 3 with her new doll Jessie,

Jesus has gotten obsessed with balls he loves balls and he loves to throw them and see them bounce on the floor then he will chase it and do it all over again.

I attempted to take a pic of the 3 kids and i think this one came out pretty good

then Jesus got board and started pulling Esmeralda's hair

We found a really cool water park its free and fun and the kids luv it

Esmeralda all wet i think she ended up falling like twice while we were there she is so clumsy :(

Jesus loved to see the kids play but when i would go try and put him in he screamed and held on to me he hated the cold water but enjoyed watching the kids play. :)

A couple of days later Jesus got sick he got a double ear infection and throat infection and he was having really high fevers, i took him to the ER and they gave him an antibiotic that a couple of days later gave him an allergic reaction. but anyways he is doing better now thankfully! however he did not get to enjoy the the next two outing we did he stayed home with his nurse to recover.

we went to a dinosaur museum and the kids had a great time :)

then we went to itz and Esmeralda and Eric (my God son) got to ride the bumpper cars, Viviana(my niece) wasnt tall enough.

Here is a pic of Esmralda playing a race car game she reminds me so much of her daddy here because he loves race care games