Friday, July 1, 2011

what we have been up to

It has been a hard first 2 weeks without my hubby so in order to have the kids distracted and keep myself busy we have been doing some outings. My sister came into town to visit the 2nd week after he had left and that has been a lot of help, and fun :)

Me and Esmeralda have been doing sleepovers once a week or so she gets to sleep in my room with me and watch a movie and eat popcorn she loves this because its one less week for my hubby to be gone. We watched Toy story 3 here she is watching toy story 3 with her new doll Jessie,

Jesus has gotten obsessed with balls he loves balls and he loves to throw them and see them bounce on the floor then he will chase it and do it all over again.

I attempted to take a pic of the 3 kids and i think this one came out pretty good

then Jesus got board and started pulling Esmeralda's hair

We found a really cool water park its free and fun and the kids luv it

Esmeralda all wet i think she ended up falling like twice while we were there she is so clumsy :(

Jesus loved to see the kids play but when i would go try and put him in he screamed and held on to me he hated the cold water but enjoyed watching the kids play. :)

A couple of days later Jesus got sick he got a double ear infection and throat infection and he was having really high fevers, i took him to the ER and they gave him an antibiotic that a couple of days later gave him an allergic reaction. but anyways he is doing better now thankfully! however he did not get to enjoy the the next two outing we did he stayed home with his nurse to recover.

we went to a dinosaur museum and the kids had a great time :)

then we went to itz and Esmeralda and Eric (my God son) got to ride the bumpper cars, Viviana(my niece) wasnt tall enough.

Here is a pic of Esmralda playing a race car game she reminds me so much of her daddy here because he loves race care games


Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're doing fun things to pass the time. BTW, thanks for the info on sending care packages. We would be honored to send one.