Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip

I decided to take the kids to visit family back home before Esmeralda starts school. we have no family around us and since my hubby is deployed it gets kinda lonely sometimes we hopped in the car and i drove us the 9-10hr drive :)

Our trip started of with therapy Jesus had hippo therapy and he does so good and gets so organized that we could not miss it.

he even did some walking

he was so proud of himself

i have no pictures of our actual trip because it was more important to drive than be taking pictures however i can say that the trip down we made it on schedule with about 4 stops to put gas and eat.

Esmeralda lost her first tooth at the age of 4.8yrs, her tooth was so loose it fell while eating a sandwich and she ended up swallowing the tooth. she has one more tooth that is also loose.

Jesus Enjoyed some swinging
at the park

and also in Xaviers swing he just needed the extra stimulation with being somewhere new.

We had Erics Birthday party he is now 7yrs old :)

we went to the pool but my camera died :( and i forgot to take my charger with me...
The kids loved the pool Xavier stayed out of the pool he is still to little but Jesus stayed in the whole time as well as the rest of the kids it was a fun outing :)

My sister took the 3 older kids to the zoo and got there face painted Esmeralda loves to get butterflies

We then returned home and on the way home we just did one stop yes all kids behaved enough for us to do it all with one stop. we got home and unpacked and went to sleep. we had a fantastic time but now its time to go back to reality.
Then this morning i got a great picture of Esmeralda and Xavier (i have been trying to get him to smile but for a picture but every time i pull out a camera he stops smiling today at 2months and 4days old i was able to capture a smile :)


blogger guy said...

love the pics and i wish i was there to enjoy the trip with you, miss you all

Cindy said...

What a fun trip! I can't believe how big Xavier is getting!

Sawyer said...

You're brave taking that trip! I bet the kids loved it. Xavier is getting so big, I love the smile.