Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little bit of something

Ok so i have several things in mind. One is that i have been told by some of you that you are not able to post a comment on my blog and i am not sure why or how to fix the problem so if anyone has any tips, advice, or a fix i would love to hear it please help with this. you can email me to

Jesus has his sleep study tomorrow night! we are excited, and anxious about this because well we want to know the results and because we are so happy it was able to get done before the Christmas and before his surgery. It is snowing a lot so i hope the the snow does not stop me from driving the one hour it takes to get there! I'm thinking if i leave 3 hours early i can sure drive slowly and make it on time.

Esmeralda told me today she wanted a toy and when i told her she had to tell Santa Claus she told me we had to go and buy a costume of Santa so that me or her dad could wear it and bring her toys. we have not once done this so i have no idea were she came up with this. maybe I'm not making it believable enough! I'm not sure what else i can do to help her believe!


Kristi said...

yeah I could comment. Drive safely to the appt and good luck..

Myssie said...

Yay!! I can comment! Sleep studies are never fun, I hope that it goes well for you and Jesus. Drive carefully!

Kelly said...

Sleep studies are not fun but they are necessary!I am glad you got one scheduled.

Kelly W.