Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get to know him

I didn't start this blog until recently and i realized that none of you got to see Jesus as he grew up so here are some of the older pictures.

He is finally coming home with us after 12 days in the hospital! Exactly on Easter day. :)

First time meeting his sister!

His first bath at home it might not seem like he is enjoying it but he always crys when i take him out of the water.

One of his first times opening his eyes and at first it didnt seem to happen often.

Got sick with chicken pox at 2 months this is when he is already getting better.

This one we were in a very noisy indoor swiming pool and this is when we learned that loud waterfall noises or vacume type noises make him happy!

He started eating his hands and it was a very happy day for us and now he still loves putting them in even if he is eating so it kinda makes it hard for us. but we still love it:)

I just love his wild hair! but sometimes it gets in his eyes and i feel like cuting it.

He loves swinging! he smiles everytime the wind hits his face the faster you push the more he smiles he is such a dare devil!:)

He was a ducky for Halloween!


Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...
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Brandi said...

His hair is AWESOME! We now cut Nathan's about every 3 weeks to keep it our of his eyes. I love the pictures from his early months, they are beautiful.