Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet Another

Today we had yet another doctor app. we had his ENT this is one of the ones we have been looking forward to going to because of all his breathing issues. He was given some reflux medicine (Lansoprazole) which was extremely hard to find i finally found a pharmacy who had it and would compound it for us. We are praying that this is the answer to his coughing. She also agreed we should get the sleep study there at the Children's hospital, so now we wait for them to call us and give us an app. She also mentioned he has fluid in his ears but that she is going to give it time before doing anything about it because she believes it to be the results of ear infections he had 2 months ago. and that when he goes under anaesthesia for a surgery she will order a hearing study. Basically that is a short summery of our long appointment.

Today i found out that Jesus's favorite TV show is Mikey Mouse Club House he will actually stop crying when he hears it, very adorable! :)


Cindy said...

We had the same problem with finding a pharmacy to compound Prevacid for Natalie (Prevacid is the commercial name of lansoprazole), and finally a GI doctor gave me an easier way: he prescribed the child chewable tablets, which I cut in half and dissolved in a very small amount of water, then sucked that up in a syringe. I put it in Natalie's g-tube, but if Jesus is taking medicine by mouth, you could administer it orally too. The pharmacy on the corner has the children's chewable! So much easier!

Christine said...

Nathan LOVES mickey mouse club house. AS soon as he hears the music he comes running into the living room. When it's over he usually gets upset.... unless Handy Manny is on right after ( so funny)

Nathan was on Lansoprazole for about 1 year. We only had one pharmacy who would do it. Nathan no longer takes it.