Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet Xavier

Xavier Eduardo Medrano
was born on may 28th 2011, at 5:47pm
i was 39weeks pregnant this has been my longest pregnancy as a matter of fact I'm sure it would have been longer had the doctors not thought it best to induce me. It was a long morning at the hospital and we had a small moment were we got scared because Xavier's heart rate went down but after they put me on oxygen everything went back to normal, :) after they finally started the induction it all went pretty fast well a little to fast to be exact. As i was getting ready to push like the nurse instructed me to do, she then went on to tell me to not push and she started yelling for the doctor and from one second to the next he just came out the nurse ended up delivering him another nurse came to help (she didn't even have gloves) it all happened so fast. Here are some of his first pics :)


Cindy said...

Congratulations! Everything you said about Xavier's birth sounds exactly like Konrad's...oxygen, coming very quickly...except my doctor arrived, huffing and puffing, in barely enough time to catch Konrad. How ironic both our third kids!