Friday, April 29, 2011

35 weeks pregnant

I am now officially 35 weeks pregnant and as some of you may know i never make it to my 40 weeks pregnant. My water breaks before i can get to 40 weeks, with both times breaking at 2 in the morning. With Esmeralda my water broke at 35 weeks 5days so they called it 36 weeks,she was 6lbs 12 oz with Jesus it broke at 38 weeks 2days, he was 6lbs 15.4oz. this time for sure i wont make it past 39 weeks my doctor has told me he wont let me go further than that due to Gestational diabetes so the longest ill be pregnant is 39 weeks but i'm wondering if my water will break before that... I would love to hear your votes on when you think i'll go into labor leave a comment =)


Brandi said...

38 weeks 6 days!

Cindy said...

How first were the same...broke my water at 38 and 37 weeks. I was sure my 3rd and 4th would too, but they ended up being induced (3rd was 9 lbs 2 oz at 38 weeks) and 4th went 41 weeks. Just goes to show this pregnancy may be different!

I'm predicting you go 39 weeks and get induced!

Christine said...

I think 37 weeks and 6 days! Can't wait to hear! You look great!