Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terrific twos!!

we have not been experiencing the normal terrible twos around here we actually call it terrific twos!! Jesus Has been doing so much in this month that it seems like he was waiting to turn two to show us all that he can do! we are so proud of him and so thrilled!!! here are some of the things he is up to :) He started hippo therapy a week after he turned two he doesn't really enjoy the helmet but as soon as he sits on the horse he forgets all about it and enjoys the ride. Hippo therapy has been the best thing ever it helps him so much more than i thought it would! we love it!!! we are able to let him sit on a chair or on his own without worrying to much of him getting hurt. it used to be that as soon as we would sit him he would throw himself backwards and end up hurting himself if someone was not there to catch him now however he is more aware of his body and where he is in space that he will try to go forward to get out of sitting, and this has helped him know he can get himself into sitting he hasn't done it often but we know he can do it :)

i don't have a picture of this next one but he is now clapping!! yay! He will not do it unless he wants to however if he is in the mood he can now play patty cake with us :) He is also choosing to watch tv in other positions other than laying down on his back on the floor. Another amazing accomplishment is that he is crawling on hands and knees :) and pulling to stand when he feels confidant :) but he can do it all on his own! He still has times when he feels more confty army crawling or scooting on his back but just the fact that he is crawling at times is amazing he will come and pull to stand on the couch for me to pick him up its just so amazing how much he is doing! here he is on his knees getting ready to pull up :) now he is standing Jesus has sensory processing disorder and with his low vision it used to make it harder for him to want to touch things with his hands i think that is why he wouldn't crawl with hands and knees because he would always have his hands into fist. it used to be that he would not want to touch anything or move fast, or do anything that was out of his comfort zone however recently that has changed and now he is what his OT describes as sensory seeking child. he loves tight hugs and deep pressure we do joint compressions and brush therapy and swinging really high to feel wind in his face, playing with anything that is put in front of him. hope you enjoyed his accomplishments as much as we do :)


Cindy said...

I do enjoy hearing about those accomplishments! He is doing soooo much! I remember how Natalie used to be so unstable when we put her down to's a huge relief to have him making progress in that area, I know. Go Jesus! You're doing great!

Jacqui said...

So fun hearing about his achievements - you must feel so much joy watching him grow! Love the video of him. Very chatty little guy!!

Brandi said...

Oh Jesus! You are such a strong young man! I am so happy to see all of the big things you have recently accomplished. Most of all, I love that it has all been on your own time! You are doing so well! Hugs to you big boy!