Saturday, April 2, 2011


My little boy turns 2 today! Happy birthday Jesus I love u so much! U r so strong and happy and u have showed me how even when life gets hard u keep smiling and being strong! U have gone through more surgeries than the number of years u have in this life and yet u kept a happy face!! Happy birthday my boy u make my life better!!!

We have been celebrating his birthday 2x so far and we will celebrate it again today and on tue. My sister came from out of town 2 weeks ago and we wanted them to be around for his celebration then my mom came into town 1 week ago so we celebrated him again. :) today is his day so we will be doing things he loves. here are some pictures of his celebrations so far! :)

he eat ice-cream cake and very little frosting of his second cake. he also opened presents and he loved it when we would all sing to him! he needed some help with blowing the candle. but he enjoyed all the attention going to him. :)


Nicky said...

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Looks like you had such an awesome day. Lots of hugs, from your friend, Sam!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Two is such an awesome are going to grow and learn even more this year. Have fun! Your friend, Natalie