Thursday, March 25, 2010


i caused Jesus a lot of pain today i feel horribly guilty!

it got stuck, i didnt noticed and i pulled. :(
the ballon part is what was inside him and it came out of the tiny hole.


Myssie said...

don't feel guilty. it looks like the balloon doesn't have enough water in it...maybe it was the mic-key's fault.

Either happens. I have done it too.

Hang in there...((hugs))

Cindy said...

Myssie's happens, and it's actually not a huge balloon to come through his stoma (Natalie's GI pulled her PEG through the stoma when he gave her a mic-key...and the PEG's balloon is the size of a walnut). Praise God that our children are resilient and recover from our mistakes...I've made a lot and there will be more to come!

Christine said...

OH!!! I know that feeling but as Myssie and Cindy said it does happen. I've done it a couple of times myself. I don't know anyone who's had a kid with a mic -key that this hasn't happened too.

Hang in there my friend! Jesus loves you, he knows it was an accident!

Nicky said...

Well, we are truly blessed that so far, we haven't needed the mic-key yet so I guess I can't really say I've been there, but I am sure we have all done things by mistake which we feel so guilty about (like when I almost overdosed Sam with Panado taking his age into account instead of his weight - bright one) I am sure that the amount of tender love, caring and adoration you shower on Jesus will be a much stronger and lasting memory to him that a split-second accidental bit of discomfort.