Sunday, February 7, 2010

thinking positive

As you all know this year has been tough on our family. I don't feel like i could have gone threw any of it without every ones support, and prayers. My house is still a mess (because i haven't been home to clean it), Jesus still needs to have surgery done(feb.12)he will get the G-tube, and the Nissen wrap. The MRI was postponed because we don't want him going threw so much anaesthesia in such a short period of time. He will also be having a Second sleep study in about 6 weeks.
However we are feeling less stressed, Jesus does have a bed to sleep in, and toys to enjoy i will try posting pics of his room as soon as things aren't so busy. I have my sister to take care of my daughter when i need to be at the hospital with Jesus. I have also gotten to talk by phone and by email to amazing moms who have gone threw the same surgery and have given me so much support and information that i feel like i can do this. It will be hard but i can do it because i have all of you to help me! THANK YOU!:)


Brandi said...

I applaud you for all that you are doing to learn about Jesus' surgery and how to use the feeding tube and button. You are doing an incredible job. I hope you are able to enjoy the time at home with your family for a few days before heading back to the hospital.

Stay strong, you can do this!

Kristi said...

thinking of you today

Mano said...


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