Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Feeding

Jesus had his G-tube and nissen wrap done on Friday, during the stay at the hospital Jesus was really grumpy and tiered but i don't blame him, I also got to learn how to use the pump and how to feed him, and by the time we left i was doing everything on my own.

We finally got to come home today. During our 3 hour drive Jesus was the happiest i have seen him in 5 days he was actually cooing a lot something i have never heard him do it was so adorable i wish i would have had my video camera with me.

Once we got home it was time for him to eat, So i very confidently hooked him up and started his pump, and put him on his bouncer so i could go clean up and he wouldn't get all tangled. I was thinking yay I'm doing good,i can really do this, until
my husband says "its not even feeding him"
me: "what do you mean its not feeding him did i not start it?"
Him: "yes you did but its not hooked in his stomach"

That's when i understood he was all wet! how could it have unhooked I'm sure i put it on right. well i choose to believe that it was his wiggling that caused it to come undone He was just so happy to be home he kept kicking and moving to try and get his his toys. that's how it happened.

with that in my mind i went to try again i put more milk in the bag and made sure it was on right and tried for my second try everything seemed to be flowing good, well not really because about half way threw the feeding the pump started saying no food i thought no food really i put enough, yes i had put enough but the top wasn't closed right and half of it had spilled in the backpack. this time i chose to believe that it was my husbands fault he was the one that closed it after all.

The good thing is that the pump keeps track of how much it has feed Jesus so i didn't over feed him, so once again i put more milk made sure it was all set up right i even put it on the iv pole and said OK lets try one more time, but the pump kept telling me no flow out, so i tried all my steps and it would not work (very frustrating) what i forgot to do was unclamp the main tubing. this time i couldn't deny it, it was me!

How i was doing it all at the hospital, and my first feed at home i mess it all up I'm not sure But i am happy to say that he is eating right now and so far so good!:)


Brandi said...

Yay, you are doing it on your own and in your own home!! I am so glad that you are finally home, it has been a long road.

I must say that as I was reading your post, I began to laugh...seriously. I have been through everything you went through with his first feeding today. From tubes popping out to pumps clogging, bags coming open and clamps being shut. Yes, this will continue to happen from time to time and you will learn to laugh about it. You will begin to talk back to the pump as if it were a real person (at least I do!). It is your friend though, so remember that if you start talking to it, be nice :)

Just make sure that the tube is completely locked when you plug it into him and if you are at home, try to hang the bag on the IV pole, it will help air bubbles to stay out of the bag. Oh, and one more thing, always check the medicine port, those crazy things pop open from time to time and milk will leak out.

I'm so glad you are home and Jesus is on his way to healthier lungs and getting the nutrition he needs to grow, grow, grow!

Hugs to you!

Jacqui said...

Wow sounds really complicated. But it sounds like you are learning alot. I am sure it will be 2nd nature soon. All the best, and big hugs

Kristi said...

That brought back memories of when Noah had his g tube when he was only a few weeks old. It was so hard those first few days making sure I hooked everything up right.. You are doing a great job. Hugs

Cindy said...

Yep, all the g-tube mommies have been there, done that! Including the leaks and drips and "what is wrong with this machine?!?!?!" I remember Natalie's machine would say, "occlusion" because of course they couldn't come up with an everyday word like "blocked line"! You'll get the hang of it and be able to do it in your sleep in no time! I'm so glad you're home!