Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not Three Hands

Today while we sat down for dinner, our daughter kept asking for someone to help her with something in her room. We weren't sure what she wanted and was a little to far away to understand what she was even saying, so my husband got up to go see what she needed.

Jesus: What's up?
Esmeralda: I need help.
Jesus: With what?
Esmeralda: Can you get my pony's tails? (in reference to my little ponies)
Jesus: You get it
Esmeralda: I can't, i have my stuff in this hand (shows her left hand with accessories)
Jesus: What about your other hand?
Esmeralda: I'm moving things, does it look like i have three hands?? NOO! Then help me.
Jesus then proceeds to help her.

It amazes me how much she has grown, and how even at 3 years old she has come up with her own way of thinking!


Brandi said...

Smarty pants! She's got her daddy figured out :)