Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Party + Easter

WARNING: lots of pictures coming up!

we decided to celebrate Jesus's Birthday Party and Easter on the same day because my sister lives a bit far away so in order to have a great day and avoid a lot of driving we did it all in one day.
even though we took a tone of pictures there are some parts of the day that we were not able to capture we did not get pictures of the kids with there baskets and we did not get pictures of the egg hunt (just some video).

yes this did include a lot of candy! This was the snack we served during there egg coloring. (the drink was water, so one healthy thing)

Jesus was taking a nap during the coloring of the eggs.

once Jesus woke up he did get to enjoy some candy.

we started this tradition this year that we get our kids one balloon per year they are so Esmeralda got 3 this year and Jesus got one. he enjoyed playing with it.he would let it go and believe it or not he got from the first picture to the second picture all by himself he would pull it weird to get it to come to him.

We learned that Jesus does not like birthday hats :( but we cant blame him they do tend to pinch at times.

We also got to take pictures of Eric, Jesus, Esmeralda, and Viviana together in there Easter outfits. we could not get them to all smile and look at the same direction but we got good pictures. =)

We also took pictures with our kids once again my kids did not want to look were they had to but well you cant complain with what you get. :)

my sister with her family. (Freddy, Claudia, Eric, Viviana)=)

Jesus with his cake that is bigger than him.;)
(yes that is cake on his feet)

we did give him a taste of cake frosting, he really enjoyed it and tried to bit his dads finger off.:)

Jesus with all his gifts.

nope he did not enjoy opening gifts. we figured out that the reason he did not like it was because he did not like moving on to the next gift he wanted to play with what he just opened and did not like at all that i took them away to open the next gift for him it felt like a tease. that is why next year we will be doing things a bit different for him, we will open one gift let him play with it until he lets us know he is ready to move on to the next gift.

my hubby got me flowers for Easter it was sweet and unexpected:)

just because i hardly put pictures of me and hubby here is one.

today i got my hair cut not a huge difference but i love it! my hair is so thick and they were able to thin it for me. =) (I have to admit i needed some peer pressure to go and do something for myself)

Jesus is still trying to sit all on his own :)

and just because i did warn you all this post had lots of pictures here are two extra ones which i hope you all like:)


Cindy said...

I love your pictures! What a happy pair of celebrations! Natalie LOVED mylar balloons at that age too (still does, but moreso at 1). Your family is beautiful and you really captured it all in your pictures. I like your haircut too...I'm glad you did something for yourself. Natalie's first birthday consisted of small tastes of frosting too...gets them in the mood! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Brandi said...

I love this post, I felt like I was right there, celebrating with you. I'm so glad that you got to spend Easter and Jesus' birthday with your family.

The pictures of frosting on Jesus' feet are priceless! I also love the last picture on the page, he always seems to have a smile!

I'm so glad that you did something for yourself yesterday, you needed to do that. Take care and give your kids hugs for me!

Kristi said...

Glad you did something for yourself. I really enjoyed the pictures.

Nicky said...

What beautiful pictures - I could have looked at a ton more, so don't be shy! Jesus looks like such a dashing little gentleman. You have such a lovely family - what a wonderful treat to get flowers on Easter - well done Dad! Awesome to see pics of you and Jesus as well, your hair looks stunning. Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE JESUS!