Friday, April 30, 2010

The Past Month

In the past month we have been very busy!
Jesus has gotten sick twice since i last blogged still trying to recover from the latest cold. He is not allowed to eat anything by mouth he will have another swallow study June 4, hope he passes it and we are able to start feeding him something by mouth. he will be having another surgery in the next couple of months to remove his tonsils this should help his sleep apnea. He has started on seizure medicine and so far he is handling them good, they seem to be helping.

I tried to post a video of Jesus playing with toys with his feet but it didn't work so here are some pictures.

here is how it works you put a toy close where he can kick and feel it

We are excited to say that Jesus is now rolling to his tummy again! =)

Jesus is also enjoying his Bounce toy he used to be stiff and scared and now he just jumps and jumps! here are before and after pics.

We put up and indoor swing for the kids =) they love it!

On some Esmeralda news, She started preschool, its 2 days a week for 3 hours a day! she is enjoying hanging out with other kids her age!

In between the crazy april and may snow we had a couple of pretty days and esmeralda got to play in her sandbox.

My Hubbys Birthday is May 19 but because he is in the Military we hardly get to celebrate his birthday together well anything together and this year is no exception he will be away for his birthday, so we decided to celebrate early!
(i didnt know what flavor he wanted so i got both) =)

As his gift i took him indoor skydiving!

We got a new addition to our Family her name is LUNA! :)


Cindy said...

Busy month! Thanks for sharing...I love the pictures!