Friday, September 17, 2010


Jesus is not sure if he wants his glasses on or off, this is how it has been for the first hour we got them.
*i put them on
*he takes them off
*he notices he sees better with them
*he trys to put them back on
*he dosnt know how
*they fall
*he puts them in his mouth
*i clean them and put them back on
*they stay on for 15 min
*he forgets and we start all over agine
The good news is he hasnt complained when i put them on so i hope that this glasses thing goes easier than the oxygen,cpap,and feeding 24/7 thing...


Brandi said...

I love them! Does he always have that cute smile on his face? I have never seen a picture when he wasn't smiling. Too cute!

Nicky said...

He does look super-handsome with his specs!!!

Cindy said...

Cute picture and cute description! That's how it went for the first day or two with Natalie, but she quickly realized she could see so much better, so they've been on ever since.

Sawyer said...

He looks like he is getting so big! Especially in those glasses. I hope he starts to tolerate them so it gets easier for you :)