Saturday, August 28, 2010


Jesus is now doing his army crawl :)

so proud to get to his sisters piano :)

then he decided to go play with his blanky instead =)

He still can not go around things so if there is something in his way he will complain however he is moving around yay! =)


Cindy said...

He is doing so great! Natalie was 18 months before she crawled. And I cannot believe you have a special needs puppy to go along with all your other craziness. One special needs kid at a time, ok? ;) I'm sure the kids love him!

Brandi said...

So cool! He has been through so much since January and still, he keeps on growing and pushing through. This is so promising Angelica. In the midst of all of his illnesses, he is crawling...there is a lot in store for this little man! Give him hugs for me!

Sawyer said...

Hey, Sawyer has that same piano and loves it. Jesus is doing such a good job with his army crawling. Sawyer still won't do it ha ha.